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Connecting Students to the Past, Present, and Future of Transportation and Distribution


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Sustainable Transportation Student Challenge

Launching in October 2024

Teams of students, teachers, and partners will work together to research transportation and distribution challenges in their communities, brainstorm potential solutions, create a prototype to test, and share their story. Organizations working in sustainability, education, and transportation can support this initiative in order to develop the citizens and workforce of tomorrow, as they solve the transportation challenges of today, and learn from the innovators of the past. Check out the challenge calendar.

Fueling the Future.

We need new solutions for moving people, products, and information more sustainably and equitably, and North Carolina is becoming a leader in this work from electric vehicle infrastructure and battery manufacturing to innovations in rail, walkable communities, and bridging the digital divide. In order to fuel this work and shape the future, we need a diverse workforce of STEM problem solvers.


Inspired by the Past.

Make Your Move! was inspired by the story of a team of high school students, teachers, and partners from northeastern North Carolina that converted a gas-powered car into an electric-powered car in 1994, winning the first of many competitions. That team is part of a rich tradition of transportation innovation in North Carolina from the Wright Brothers, to the shipping container, to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail – all stories of teams solving transportation problems. 

RootEd in the Here and Now.

RootEd was founded on the belief that the best way to prepare students, schools, and communities for tomorrow, is to engage them in solving the challenges of today, right in their backyard. RootEd is a community of educators, students, coaches, and partners working together to solve local and regional challenges. We know that bold, authentic learning experiences have the power to transform and strengthen learning communities. We also know that making these experiences attainable and sustainable for all North Carolinians, requires a strong network of support. That’s RootEd. Scroll down to see stories of how our partner schools are already solving problems in their communities. 

Industry Involvement and Philanthropy

Sponsorship opportunities for the Make Your Move! student challenge are available for industry and philanthropic partners. Reach out to Jay Korreck or Darrell Kain if you have an interest in developing the citizens and workforce of tomorrow as they solve the transportation challenges of today and learn from the innovators of the past. 

Jay Korreck

Jay Korreck

Owner, Constructive Learning Design

Darrell Kain

Darrell Kain

Owner, Reach and Thrive Together

Southern Conservation Partners serves as the fiscal sponsor for Constructive Learning Design’s RootEd program and the Make Your Move! challenge.

SCP promotes innovative collaborations designed to conserve and care for the South’s natural and cultural heritage and ecological health. We believe in the power of partnerships, creativity, and storytelling to respect and care for the South’s natural heritage.

Powerful Learning with Teachers, Students, and Partners


RootEd works with teachers, students, and community partners to provide them with everything they need to create bold community-connected learning experiences, and nothing they don’t. As part of a cohort, RootEd teachers engage in a year-long blended learning experience that includes the following options: 

  • Professional learning and study visits
  • On-demand co-teaching support
  • Networking with peers, partners, and coaches
  • Online resources and tools
  • CEUs
  • Partnership development support
  • Storytelling support

Make Your Move! Calendar


Sep 16

Teacher Application Deadline 

Teachers apply to be part of the 2024 – 2025 Make Your Move! Challenge.


 (Optional) Project Planning Support

Ready to start planning  RIGHT NOW? Shoot us an email and we’ll set up some co-planning time. 

At Your School or Virtual 

Fall 2024

Launch Events 

Teachers and partners meet for 1-2 days to kick-off the Make Your Move! Challenge. These launch events will take place in different locations to make travel convenient for teachers and partners. Teachers will work with one another, transportation experts, and the RootEd/CLD team to think about challenges in their communities, and begin planning their projects. This will coincide with a celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the ECORV/NEAT team.  

Location TBD

Oct 3-4

ENC Launch Event in Partnership with Roanoke Cooperative’s Clean Energy Expo 

Teachers and partners in Eastern North Carolina will meet for 2 days to kick-off the Make Your Move! Challenge. Teachers will work with one another, sustainable transportation experts, and the RootEd/CLD team to think about challenges in their communities, and begin planning their projects. This event will coincide with Roanoke Cooperative’s 4th Annual Clean Energy Expo, and a celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the ECORV/NEAT team. 

Location TBD


Co-Creation and Co-Teaching

RootEd coaches will meet with teachers throughout the school year to help teachers design and deliver their projects. Supports and activities include: designing student activities, integrating with standards, co-teaching or modeling activities, and identifying potential partners.

At Your School & Virtual


Community of Practice and On-Demand Support

RootEd utilizes an online community of practice to connect teachers to one another, coaches, tools, partners, and other resources. 

Oct – Apr (1 Day)

Study Visit/Field Experience

Teachers will have several options to visit another school to see community-connected learning in action.

Location TBD

May 2025

Make Your Move! Culmination and Showcase

Teachers, students, and community partners meet for 1 day to share their work, celebrate, and learn from one another. 

Location TBD

Apply Now!

Current and Past RootEd Projects


Polk Middle School Students Improving Laughter Pond

“My kids are very concerned about justice and fairness…We can sit here and complain or we can actually do something to make things more equitable for our whole community. I think that taking ownership has made them feel a lot more confident and a lot more engaged.” – Jeanne Ferran, Polk County Middle School Teacher

ASU Academy at Elkin Building a Trail to the Public Library and the MST

Students and teachers from Appalachian State University’s Academy at Elkin lab school have partnered with the Elkin Valley Trails Association to create a trail that connects their school to the Elkin Public Library and the Mountains-to-Sea trail.

Wake Students Designing App for Black History Walking Tour

“A group of 10th-grade students at Wake Early College of Information and Biotechnologies will be creating an app highlighting Black history in downtown Raleigh, including the new park on the corner of North Wilmington Street and East Lane Street.” – Destinee Patterson, WRAL Reporter


Polk 5th Graders Redesign Campus Nature Trail; Create Interactive Trail Signs

Over the course of the 2022-2023 school year, Polk Central Elementary School fifth graders redesigned their campus nature trail by removing invasive species, and installing new interactive trail signs.

Learn more about our team, and contact Jay Korreck at for more information.